Ayan in Wonderland

My Wonderland

Last summer, I went to Mussourie with my parents to one of my aunts’ farmhouse. As soon as we reached there, I was quite thrilled to see a red coloured cottage tucked in the lush green forests of oak and pine trees all around. In the evening, while playing with my cousins, I noticed a dark green patch, a little far away from the hedge that ran all around my aunt’s farm. My cousins informed me that we were not supposed to cross the hedge as there was a deep forest beyond it! Deep forest…, I had often read about it but never had the pleasure to tread into it. I was very curious to experience the deep, dark world, where many could enter, but none could come out! Our curiosity knew no bounds and we took the road less travelled. As soon as we entered the dark green patch, we started shivering with cold and we could not believe how misty it was here.

There were sparkles in the air, as if there was some magic! A rough path ran across the deep forest with shining pebbles all around. Shoots of marshmallows sprang up here and there and glowing butterflies flew past us. We kept walking deeper into the forest to explore more. Just then, we saw a lava of chocolate gushing out of an enormous volcano. My cousins and I rubbed our eyes in utter disbelief. We were in wonderland where delicate little elves and fairies swam across the sky. I jumped up and tried to touch small, little clouds floating above my head. I had just felt the touch of afairy who lived in that cloud. I wondered whether I had been in wonderland or was it just a dream.

Have you ever been to wonderland? Comment below and share your experience.

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